Monday, 19 August 2013

Post-Wedding Scones

Okay, I have to admit, yesterday's wedding was pretty epic. And pretty exhausting. I woke up, confused and dishevelled to an alarm that was genuinely alarming. My mum came to talk to me a few minutes later and she started laughing at my voice which was amazingly growl-y. Apparently, I wasn't ready for morning this morning.

Fighting forward, I struggled through a shift at work where my voice gradually returned to normal pitch and my smile came back. I came back home after 5 hours of selling video games slightly numb. Maybe I'm just tired? I have no idea. But I'm just imagining how tired the bride and groom were who were just as busy as me, but they were drinking too. Haha.

I rested up a while and did some desk based work before realising that I needed some comfort baking. So I watched an episode of CSI to gather strength, and then baked some scones during the next episode:

227/365 - Zan bakes some yummy scones.

They were only little, but they were delicious. This one is a cheese scone. I also did some cranberry/sultana ones for my mum cos she doesn't like the cheese ones.

Baking is such therapy. And cheese scones somehow have healing properties. My make my insides feel completely happy, and then makes me want cake. I don't think I have the energy to make cake now. I think I've gotten over the fog I had this morning, and I'm back to my normal self - hoorah!

So I guess I'd better give a hoorah for baking, and a hoorah for post-wedding scones! Nom nom nom! :)

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