Sunday, 4 August 2013

Snap Snap Snap :)

My day has been about computers today, so not much room to do any particularly exciting play. In the midst of trying to reorganise my files I came across some of my previously un-shared photos that I particularly like. Had a lovely moment of "ooo, I took that photo". Here are some of them:

This is the inside of my computer. My brother took it apart to blow away 3 years of dust when he was up last weekend.

212/365 - Zan admires the sparkly coolness of this photo.
These are marbles in the sunlight, using a bokeh effect that I was trying out. I think this one turned out much more magically. :)

This photo was taken in Stephenage when I went to visit Wai and James. I love that there was just as much care taken with the cutlery for the child's food. Makes me so happy!

This photo is taken in Leeds. It's of the ceiling of a very cool new shopping center.

This is a photo of my epic chemistry doodle, in the inside cover of my lab book. My brief life as a Chemistry Student is documented here. It's pretty awesome isn't it? :)

And these are white currants. They're berry like fruit that's quite tangy. I didn't use any weird effects or fancy photography techniques of this. This really is what it looks like! Cool eh? There's another shot of them here.

Anyway, so concludes the little tour of some cool pics. Each pretty awesome in their own right. I love taking photos! Yay! :) Hope you enjoy having a look at them! :) Hoorah! :)

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