Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Walking the Cake :)

Today was an unusual day. It wasn't a bad day, but it was unusual. It was unusual because I made a cake during daylight hours (I like to bake in the evenings usually), I have no clutter in my room (which I haven't tidied for about 6 years), and oh, I also took the cake for a walk around the house (which, believe it or not, is something I don't normally do). Here is the cake in question:

214/365 - Zan wanders around the house with freshly baked cake.

But why, you might ask, did I do all of those things? It's still early days yet, so I'm not going to reveal too soon, but I think it's time for change. If you've been keeping tabs on me, you might be able to figure out what that change might be. Watch this space for more information :)

So yeah! Cake! It was yummy, even after I walked it around the house. :) I have to explain right now that I didn't eat the entire segment of cake. But I did eat most of it. o.O

Anyway, I had promised some baking yesterday, so here it is today. Hoorah for cake, and hoorah for usual days! :)

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