Saturday, 31 August 2013

Warming Houses :)

I went to a house warming today! I made a batch of scones, and a few little jars of jam and pootled over to Shazia's flat to meet her friends and to, I suppose, warm the place up.

Here's a photo of Shazia and her friends all piling in and helping themselves to scones:

I took the scones to Shazia her very own mixing bowl, hoping to inspire baking in her new home! :)

Want to know what's exciting? Remember a while back when I took a whole series of photos, smooshed them together and made a natural rainbow? Well, Shazia decided to take that and make something awesome:

239/365 - Zan discovers her own artwork on someone else's wall. 

I was so chuffed that this was made a reality! A canvas print of my photography! I feel a little bit silly actually! But ever so pleased! :) Wooohooo! :) Shazia wants me to sign it, but there were too many people at the flat today. Maybe next time though! Yay! :)

It was lovely meeting Shazia's friends at her new place today, and also catching up with my own. I guess it's called a house warming because you're warmed by the kindred spirits you have around you, who have come to celebrate your success. I also think it's a house warming because you warm to the host - the new home owner. I feel like I've gotten a better glimpse into Shazia's life, and it's nice. Yay! :) Happy house warming, Shazia - thanks for inviting me :)

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