Saturday, 24 August 2013

Zan's Wedding Craziness 2013: Wedding the Sixth

I had the pleasure of being the photographer for Wai and James at their wedding today. It was an amazing day and there are lots and lots of photos. Here are some of my favourite moments:

PaperWai and PaperJames - really cool and creative! :)

This is an amazing array of cakes with the beautiful bride and the amazing groom! Hoorah! :)

232/365 - Zan plays photographer a woodland themed wedding :)
Look at the bee! Isn't it cute? This is my personal favourite photo of the day! :)

This is my friend Ian. I haven't spoken or seen him for 8 years, but catching up today felt like we hadn't missed a beat - it was wonderful to see him again! :)

Handmade cake toppers - Wai made the Mini-James, and James made mini-Wai! So thoughtful and cute! :) And they're having a smooch! :)

And here is me with the happy couple! Yaaay! :)

This wedding has been a wonderful end to my 2013 wedding adventure. This was the most creative, and unusual wedding with so many personal touches! I'm so pleased to be part of this wedding, and I am really chuffed for both of them. This wedding meant a lot to a lot of people, and brought their worlds closer together. It was really good fun and I think that every guest had loads of fun. :)

My biggest congratulations to Wai and James! They have absolutely brought my wedding adventure to a close with a bang and a giggle, showcasing yet again how wonderful weddings are, and how even after 6 this year, they are never boring! The highlights from today's wedding can join the first, second, third, forth and fifth! :) It was such a wonderful wedding, and a wonderful wedding year. Hoorah for weddings, and hoorah for Wai and James! :)

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