Sunday, 18 August 2013

Zan's Wedding Craziness 2013: Wedding the Fifth

Today, I had the honour and privilege to be the photographer for my friends Peki and J at their wedding celebration. They actually got married earlier on this year in Europe (where they both live), but they wanted to celebrate here in the UK with their friends and family too. So we did it today! I was delighted to be part of it as I've known J for almost 13 years now.

Here are some of my favourite moments of the day:

226/365 - Zan takes part in a wonderful marriage celebration :)
Hello Peki and J! :) Doesn't she look beautiful?

Here's me and J - he looks so smart! :)

Here's me, quickly taking a snap of myself and my outfit for the day :)

This is the best cake ever. Best colour scheme ever!

These are made mostly of water and were the source of much entertainment.

This is Tom and Jenny - I haven't seen them for ages!

And this? Well, this is a story that only Lee, Dave, Tom, Jenny and Shazia know.

I really truly enjoyed myself today. Not only was it a great day, and not only was it gloriously sunny all day, but it was wonderful to witness the union of two great friends, and catch up with lovely people I've not seen for a long long time. That to me is a good wedding.

And who knew you could have to much fun with some purple blobs made of water? Who knew.

My biggest congratulations to Peki and J. Looking forward to hearing more about your lives together as husband and wife :)

(If you wanted to catch up with wedding the first, second, third and forth, have a good look there :) Five down, one to go! :) )

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