Monday, 30 September 2013

Marrow and a Half

So when weary me moped home today, I wasn't expecting to see anything unusual at all. I was expecting to find a dish of food on the table and two very excitable parents (they're always excitable). Instead I found this:

273/365 - Zan meets giant marrow.

This is not a super-grow version of what I photographed yesterday. This is a mysterious marrow that was discovered in the fridge a few days ago at my parent's church. It is the biggest vegetable I have ever seen in my entire life. It was so big that it was too heavy to have on my knee so I had to put it down.

After a long shift at work, this was super exciting and fun. And completely hilarious. I almost forgot I was sick for a second, but then I ached a lot after getting excited. I'm now feeling about 1000 years old again. More sleep!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Under the Weather

The sun shone brightly outside today as I stared meekily into the middle distance, debating internally whether I should have a second nap. No idea what I've done and what I'd caught, but I have it and I ache, and I have developed an excellent talent for staring into middle distance. I also might have a mild case of food poisoning so today the greatest distance I travelled was that between my bedroom to the toilet and back. Bah.

In my delicate state, I still strove for a little bit of fun. I was determined that I would get some sun even though my entire body said no. Here are some pics:

My parents went conker hunting when I was having my nap. They came back with so many conkers, possibly more than we found yesterday! They were so chuffed! :)

272/365 - Zan reads Harry Potter to while away the day.

Mum wanted me to look at this super furry vegetable. I have no idea what it is, but it's really odd, and really funny! :)

Having rejected my body's desire to have a second nap, I think I'm going to read a bit more and then get an early night - perhaps all of this will stop in the morning! :) I was under the weather in good weather today. I'm a little disappointed, but ah well. It happens. Plenty of water and rest for me! :)

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Conker Hunting

Since finding the first fruits of Autumn a few days ago, I've had a hankering to find more. So after meeting my wonderful friends Lee, Ric and Rach in Manchester, I dragged my mum out to go hunting for conkers. Here's what we got up to:

Here's my mum, eager to dislodge the conkers from the trees.

One of the many conkers we found that were still in their spikey shell.

271/365 - Zan goes conker hunting.
Look at all the shiney golden brown orbs that summarise Autumn for me.

These ones were the biggest ones we found. The one on the left was ripe for the picking. The one on the right wasn't quite ready yet.

I've written about conkers before. They are by far my favourite Autumn thing followed closely by Bonfire Night. This year, I'm collecting conkers to be part of the informal Loose Parts Exchange Programme I organised with Lesley Romanoff of Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery School. I'm very excited to send these lovely little conkers to her. Sadly they won't be as shiney when she gets them, but they'll still be lovely and playable. Wooohoo!

I'm so chuffed with my finds today. Conkers are awesome. Hoorah for conkers! Yay! :)

Friday, 27 September 2013

A PhD Day

From now on, Fridays will have to switch back and forth from being Freebie Friday and PhD Day. I've tried to designate Fridays for research because I can then meet up with actual real live people who are also doing their PhDs in Playwork. My quest for knowledge is no longer a lonely one: I have company! :) Three out of the five of us enrolled at uni today so we're going to try and meet up regularly to share ideas, problems and thoughts with eachother. I think it'll be really good.

And because my lovely friend Andy wouldn't let me take a photo of him on his first day as a PhD student, I have taken a photo of the view from the library, where I sat down to read about Sociology. Oh yes, you heard me right, I have to learn about Sociology. More on that when I understand it better.

270/365 - Zan admires the sunny world outside as she learns new things.

I'm really pleased that other people have started their PhDs too now. I think the toughest part of my first 6 months was having noone to talk to or truly understand what on earth I was doing, and not having any contact with other people on the same level as myself. I hope that now I can help the new people ease into it too!

Here's me after an hour and a half tutorial, and an hour's worth of reading about stuff I don't understand. It's Dazed-and-Confused-Zan :)

I'm now home, but really quite tired and having mulled over many many things in the last few hours, my brain kinda hurts. So I guess it's time to read some Harry Potter and get myself to bed! Goodnight! :)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

A Day of Many Things

Today was a big day. It was big in so many ways that it was a little bit overwhelming, but you know what? I don't want to tell you all about it until the bigness is confirmed. So I will leave you with some other moments which were big too, but not nearly as big:

269/365 - Zan discovers the first conkers of the season.
It's only officially Autumn in my eyes when the conkers appear.

Here is also an amazing sourdough. Today's has been the biggest so far! And delicious! :)

I'm off to try and make the bigness of the day fade away into normality. You know when exciting things are about to happen, but it's not 100% certain yet so you don't want to be completely excited in case you're disappointed? That's where I am! So I'm off to work! Good evening all! ;)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sugar Free Banana Cake

I may have mentioned before that my Dad is borderline diabetic so he gets a little sad when I bake most of my delicious foods. In order to make sure that he's not left out of the yummy goodness, I make him some sugar-free bakes too. Today: Sugar-Free Banana Cake!

268/365 - Zan makes PapaZan very happy :)

There is now only half of this cake left! I think my Dad is pleased with this bake :) More sugar-free baked goods soon! :)

Busy couple of days ahead - stay tuned! :)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Red Leaves of Autumn

The window of my room gives me a wonderful view of the changing seasons, and peeking through it today I noticed that the canopy of green leaves over my neighbour's garage construction had turned from lush green to vibrant red. So I pootled down with my camera and took a few snaps :)

267/365 - Zan enjoys the first red leaves of Autumn.

It's such a bright red, it's captivating to look at.

It's particularly awesome as a roof of leaves above me. I really like this stuff! :)

The colours of the leaves are turning that gorgeous shade of Autumn as we get a mini heat wave in the UK. It's very strange weather for this time of the year. Normally it's around this time when we get the endless grey drizzle that we're famous for, especially here in Manchester. But no, we are blessed completely with another bout of great weather, and I'm totally taking advantage of it by taking as many photos of it as possible! Hoorah for photos, great weather and Autumn! :)

Monday, 23 September 2013

Knit Knit Knit

After the excitement of yesterday's fantastic bake, I couldn't really find anything spectacular to top it. So I defaulted back to my usual quiet stuff: knitting and reading.

266/365 - Zan enjoys a bit of knitting.

I started this bit of knitting a while ago, and am aiming for a very long but pretty thin scarf. It's currently 27 "squares" long. I think I might go to about 30 and see how long it is. I may be running out of wool soon. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I love the colours. Might do a purple and black one next time :)

Also, a considerable amount of Harry Potter book can be read while you're waiting for people. I just thought I'd throw that in as a fact. :)

More adventures tomorrow! :) Hoorah! :)

Sunday, 22 September 2013

My Very Own Baked Wheat Sheaf

My mum asked me to bake her a "bundle of wheat" for a harvest display she's doing at church. I had no idea what she was talking about until I googled it, and it turned out that she wanted a wheat sheaf loaf. So after pondering the logistics of this thing for a few days, I finally set to work, and here is my end product. I'm literally beaming with pride:

265/365 - Zan makes a wheat sheaf!

This took 2 hours of shaping, rolling and snipping, but it was well worth it! Look at it's magnificence! Golden brown and lovely! :) Yaaay! :) I especially like the little plait across the middle, that ties it all together. I'm glad that it's not for eating cos I wouldn't want to eat this - it's so pretty! :) I am literally chuffed to bits with this. Chuffed to bits.

Each strand was hand rolled, and placed onto the sheaf, and then each ear of wheat was snipped with scissors into shape. It's so cool!

And of course, just to top off the great bake, it was a beautifully sunny day outside. Perfect for a photoshoot, and lovely for hanging out with my loaf. I'm pleased to call myself a baker today :) Hehehee! :) Hoorah for great bakes, and hoorah for pretty breads! :) Yay! :)

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Three Shape Cake Day

I baked a load of cakes today. They ended up being different shapes and tastes which is nice. It ended up making me super busy though so I'm really quite tired now.

264/365 - Zan bakes a lot.

I like the arrangements and shapes of these cakes. Reminds me of those logic questions you used to get on worksheets as a kid. What's the next in this sequence? :) I have no idea what the next in the sequence would be... a two-sided shape? Is there such a thing as a two-sided shape? An oval?

Anyway, baking! There is much baking going on because it's cold. But today was warm, so I don't know what's happening any more. Haha. Hoorah for baking when it's cold and when it's warm! :)

Friday, 20 September 2013

Rainbow Jelly

Once upon a time, I made a rainbow in a cup. It was a perfect rainbow, and it was delicious too, but I didn't write about it at the time because it was just an experiment.

Today, I made more rainbows, but this time they're in little bowls. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you all my rainbow jelly! :)

259/365 - Zan makes rainbow jelly.

The light wasn't great for these pics so the full rainbow brilliance isn't properly seen but still - yaaay! There are 6 colours in my rainbow, and the blue layer is made out of gelatin cos we don't have blue jelly in the UK! Here's another pic of them, chilling in the fridge.

These take a bit of time, but they're super cheerful and definitely worth the hassle! :)

My friend Nancy is back up north briefly to have her wisdom teeth out so I thought I would make her some rainbow jelly to cheer her up. I hope she likes them when she sees them tomorrow! :) Hoorah for rainbows and hoorah for jelly! :)

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Winter Time = Harry Potter Time

When the weather gets cold, the days get shorter, and the nights get longer, I always have an overwhelming desire to read Harry Potter. It might be because the books and films all used to come out around this time of the year, or maybe that the Christmas part of the HP books were the most magical of all, but I always always want to read all 7 books when it starts getting cold.

So I am.

258/365 - Zan escapes into the magical world of Harry Potter.

As you can see, I am on book 3 (I had to skip book two because it's in London) and am thoroughly enjoying myself! I'm almost at the end so I'm gonna finish watching Great British Bake Off on iplayer, and then go and save the Wizard world with Harry and his mates! Woohoo! :)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Blog Doodle

When I first started the blog, I literally had no idea what to call it. I spent a couple of minutes thinking about it, and when I finally settled on A Little Life of Play I had no idea that it would stick, and that I'd enjoy the time I had with it quite so much!

Anyway, so I was in a doodley mood today, so I did a bit of drawing that might even end up being the banner on my blog one day, who knows! :)

257/365 - Zan does a little blog doodling! :)

I really enjoyed my doodle time. There's something quite satisfying about coming up with half an idea and then making it become a reality and it being better than you imagined. Hoorah! :)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Shopping and Cake

It took me a long time to fall asleep last night after the buzz of the first midnight shift of the year. But spectacularly, I ended up dreaming of work as well. Endless queues and unsatisfied customers wanting the same game that, for some reason, I'd ran out of. Glad it was just a dream!

Anyway, I woke up this morning, had some of the sourdough bread I made yesterday, and then went shopping with Nadia. It was a lovely day, we wandered around, had a much needed catch up, and just had some fun! :) Here we are, enjoying ourselves:

256/365 - Zan hangs out with the lovely Nadia :)

We also pootled into our favourite local chocolatiers/patisserie and realised that not only had Slattery's had upgraded, it was even better than I could have possibly ever imagined.

It's expanded and new and made me ooh and ahh even more than usual! :) There's Nadia, trying to select a cake from the huge variety on display!

I had a lovely day with Nadia! It's not often that I get people come and visit me for mostly me! I'm super excited to have had her here, and also really pleased. It's so wonderful to have friends, and it's even more wonderful to have great friends who are constant, loyal, and in-it-for-the-long-haul friends :)

Hoorah for Nadia, and hoorah for a lovely day! :)

Monday, 16 September 2013

An Evening of Baking

To prepare myself for the imminent arrival of my friend Nadia from Oxford (who's wedding I helped out with in March), and to brace myself for the onslaught of customers to purchase a new release, I decided to do some baking:

255/365 - Zan bakes a pie!

It's a chicken and vegetable pie - I was doubtful at first as to whether it would be any good, but it turned out to be delicious! :) Light golden pastry encasing tender chicken, carrots, leeks, celery and peppers.

I also made a sourdough bread. Of course. This one's the best one yet! :) Good ol' Sophie-Apple (the starter dough)

It's lovely having Nadia around, and it's was even lovelier to share the foods that I had made with her. And then of course, it was madness plunging myself into a midnight shift with the throngs of eager gamers. But it was fun, and it was better that I worked on a belly full of yummy food! :) Hoorah for baking, and hoorah for Nadia! :)

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Me and My Sims

It's no secret that I like computer games. To a lot of playworkers, I must seem like a hypocritical nightmare, sent to the sector to bring them to ruin. Which is why I don't like to harp on about my love for computer games. To me, video games are a little bit of fun set in the digital world just for a few hours while I work out how best to deal with reality. I'm a gamer, what can I say?

Anyway, today, I spent a lot of time playing Sims 3. It's such an addictive game - you get to create and control your own character and play through a make-believe land where stuff is almost real, but not quite.

It's funny too because about 6 months ago, I made some plumbobs (the green crystal thingy that floats above the Sim's head, for a fund-raising charity event at my work. I started up the game again because I found them at work again the other day. Here's a pic of them:

254/365 - Zan enjoys a moment with her Sims.

Anyway, so that's what my play has been about today. Computer games. This week's going to be a very computer game orientated, with a very big game coming out. I'm gonna be part of the hustle and bustle of that. Might even put up some photos. Woohoo! 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Oh Yellow Rose

I few days ago, whilst browsing the "Still Fresh" section of the fruit and vegetable aisle, my dad and I bought some flowers for my mum for 60p. They were cheerful colours: little yellow and pink roses, and purple something-or-others. Now you might think that we were bring pretty stingey. Only 60p? On your own mother? Well, my mum's a florist, and she has suppliers that can get her flowers very cheaply, so when we buy her any flowers, the have to meet her exacting expectations for price. And apparently 60p was good, so we were on safe grounds.

Anyway, my mum put the flowers in the hallway, and they spent a few days hanging out, not looking very different, but yesterday I walked past them and the yellow roses bloomed in such a way that they looked spectacular! Today, I finally got round to taking a photo:

253/365 - Zan eagerly takes in the beauty of a yellow rose.

These roses remind me of the photos I took during Angel and Tony's wedding prep. Those ones were like a soft peach colour but also looked beautiful. This bright yellow one is a bit of a statement rose I think! I've got it at another angle too:

Playing with reflections.

I love roses. I think they're my favourite flower. I want purple roses, a little deeper and darker than the ones at Nadia'swedding, but those ones are good too :) Wow, deep purple roses would totally be the epitome of awesome for me. I'm in awe just thinking about them.

Hoorah for roses, and hoorah for beautiful little things :)

Friday, 13 September 2013

Freebie Fridays - laundry detergent pods, cream and a fortune cookie!

I've have had a break from Freebie Fridays, mostly due to lack of freebies, but partially because the last couple of fridays have had interesting play moments that were much more worth documenting. Who can beat homemade jam and sourdough bread?

Anyway, I got some freebies in this week, so I thought it was a good time to show them off:

252/365 - Zan shows off some freebies.
We have
1 little tube of face cream
2 laundry detergent pods
and a fortune cookie

Maybe I should start giving my freebies away again? I'll think about it for next week. Hmm... Depends if I get interesting freebies from work...

Anyway, we'll just have to see. Hoorah for freebies! :) Woohoo! :)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

"Feed the birds, tuppence a bag"

One of the many great childhood films I watched was Mary Poppins. I loved that film! It gave me insight to a world of flying, singing, chimney sweeping people, and later on in life made me realise I'd had a head start with learning about the Suffragette movement, street artists, and the difference between poverty and affluence in London. But the important thing of course is that I still remember every single song. From Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, to a Spoon Full of Sugar, from I Love to Laugh to Chim-Chimeree, Chim-Chimeree, Chim Chim Charoo.

Today, as I wandered around the Pennines, I came across a moment in reality that reminded me of a fictional scene from Mary Poppins:

251/365 - Zan pauses to watch for a moment.
This gentleman was very quietly and calmly feeding these birds with a bag of seeds. He didn't seem to flinch when the pigeons flew near his face, nor did he seem to mind the squabbling ducks. There were soo many birds around him though, and he just seemed to be lost in a reverie of peace has he spread the seeds out. I watched in fascination as he emptied the bag, and then he silently got up and wandered off.

This made me think of the song "Feed the birds" from Mary Poppins. The pigeon lady in the park was always very lonely, but always very happy feeding the birds and singing her song. A bit like the man I saw today. He seemed totally at ease with the world as he fed the birds.

Anyway, just thought I'd share that with you. Oh and one more pic:

I visit this guy every time I visit this part of the Pennines. I don't think he has a name, but in my head, I call him Jeff.

I had a nice time wandering around the Pennines today. It gave me time and space to think through a few things, which I'm happy to note have just gradually resolved themselves. Tomorrow will be a fun trip to Leeds with a couple of meetings as well. Should be a productive day. Woohoo! :)

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Stickable Unicorns

I got awesome post today! From my lovely friend Morgan in response to my Despicable Me artwork. Here's what she sent me:

250/365 - Zan admires her unicorn stickers! :)

I'm just really chuffed, and am making plans for my new stickers! Uni uni unicorns! I love them! :) Hoorah for unicorns and Morgan! :)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

An Early Autumn Walk

I woke up today and worked and worked until my brain started feeling like it was made of thick soup. I say this because the ideas and thoughts seemed to have to spend an unusually long amount of time to get from conception to communication with my consciousness. By the time it got to me, it was a little fuzzy round the edges, like a piece of potato in a thick soup.

So I thought I would go out for a walk to shake off this feeling. Here's what I saw:

Lavender, blowing in the wind.

Blackberries, ripe for the picking.

Horses, lots of them. All looking at me. Hello horsies! :)

Little droplets of water, fresh from the rain.

249/365 - Zan enjoys an early Autumn walk.

It was nice to get outside and feel the cool breeze and warm sun. It's unusually warm for this time of the year, but I really don't mind. As long as it stays dry, I'm happy! I also have to admit that when I got back, my mind soup was still soupy, but at least I wasn't frustrated about it anymore. Haha.

Hoorah for walks! :)

Monday, 9 September 2013

Recipe Cards: A New Addition

A while ago I made some recipe cards. They are very simple, and an easy go-to when I can't remember how much of what I need for which recipe. I've been using them loads, but I've also been learning some new recipes too! Since making the original set, I've added Chocolate Brownies to the pile, and today I've added another:

248/365 - Zan makes new recipe cards.
I think I've perfected my Chocolate Chip Cookies now - it can go in the hall of fame! :)

In a few weeks, after perhaps another successful bake, I'm going to add Pizza Base and Sourdough Bread to the recipe cards. I made a spare card just in case I have another inspirational bake. 

I'm so chuffed that I'm expanding on my baking repertoire! I might even eventually learn the recipes off my heart too! And if I forget, that's okay too, cos I have my lovely little recipe cards :) Hoorah! :)

Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Sourdough Bread :)

After the relative success two days ago, I decided to make another Sourdough Bread. This time I was determined that we wouldn't have the same sticky bowl problem, and we didn't! Hoorah! Sophie-Apple the Starter Dough is still working her charm.

I made a slightly crummy stop motion video of the bread while baking. I'll have to revisit this video.

The smell of freshly baked sourdough bread is wholesome and hearty. When it came out of the oven, my parents and I hovered around the loaf in great anticipation until it was cool enough to touch, and then we just sliced right in the there. You're supposed to wait until bread is cooled before you start stuffing your face with it, but that incredible aroma was too much - we just had to taste it! And it was soooo worth it! It was delicious! Here's a pic of me waiting for the bread to cool:

247/365 - Zan bakes an awesome sourdough bread.

Oddly enough, eventhough I had no bowl-sticking problems today, the loaf wasn't nearly as holey as it was last time. No idea why. The flavour was so much better this time though so... I have no idea what's happened. I'm just gonna have to try again I think! :)

Anyway, the bread adventure continues! Hoorah! :)

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Sunshine and Shadows

Having spent a day in the rain yesterday, I genuinely thought that that was the end of the sunshine. The UK isn't famous for it's glorious sunny days, and there's good reason for it - for 3/4 of the year, it's basically chucking it down. But today, very unusually, we got a sunny day. And at the end of a busy shift, I decided to enjoy the sunshine briefly, albeit from inside in the house.

246/365 - Zan has a bit of shadow playtime.

While basking in the sun, I decided to try for this photo. It was difficult. Partly because I had to balance, focus and aim the camera with one hand, but mostly because it's mighty difficult to do it without revealing the fact that you're holding a camera. But I was, and it's hidden in the shadow of my head, and it was really good challenge. Hoorah! :)

Anyway, other than that my day has been much of a muchness. Both the parents and I have been enjoying the sourdough bread that I made yesterday, and am preparing to make more of tomorrow. Woohoo! :)

Friday, 6 September 2013

Sophie the Sourdough Starter

Remember my pet yeast? Well after a long week at work, I've finally found time to make some sourdough bread! It was a long process, so while we waited for the second prove, my parents named the pet yeast. My dad now calls it Sophie. And mum calls it Apple.

Here's the sourdough after it's second prove. It overflowed it's bowl and then I couldn't get it out cos it was all stuck! :( I had to scoop it out eventually and had to give it even more proving time. I was so sad.

But it worked out okay! :)
245/365 - Zan makes a sourdough bread.
It has a crispy, crunchy crust and a soft hole-y center. I'm so glad it turned out well! :) It tastes delicious! :)

This loaf was the culmination of many days of work. I had to feed the yeast cos I kept forgetting to use it, and then today, I really had to study the recipe to make sure I got it all right. It all worked out in the end, even after the little hiccup!

Hoorah for freshly baked bread, and hoorah for Sophie-Apple the Starter Dough! :)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Quietness of Play

My friend Lesley, who sent me a box of goodies yesterday, recently wrote a blogpost about the quietness of play. I've been thinking about this. Not all play is loud and boisterous, nor is it active and crazy. Sometimes play is a hushed note behind the noise; the whisper through the laughter. And I don't think that it is documented or recognised as much as the run-around, spin-upside-down, kinda play that we seem to label play. But I want to give it mention :)

I've had a very loud day today. It was full of customers vying for my attention, and angry words from impatient gamers. I spent a lot of my day on my feet moving quickly (but not always elegantly) in all directions, moving, tidying, locating and sorting. So when I got home, all I wanted to do was something quiet let off my usual after-work buzz:

244/365 - Zan does some knitting, quietly.

Thinking about quietness of play reminds me of a particular photo that I took.

This photo was taken towards the end of a very busy play day at Wyke Children's and Community Center. Despite the activity around him, this little boy carefully takes a small cup of hot chocolate and a jacket potato into a hidden-away tree house and enjoys a quiet moment of self-reflection.

I love the rhythm of play. There are peaks and troughs, highs and lows. And almost certainly noisy and quiet, in equal measure. Just because you can't hear children playing, doesn't mean they're not playing. :) Hoorah for play, even when it's quiet... :)

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Loose Parts Exchange - Part 1

My friend Lesley Romanoff from - Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery School and I have been plotting and scheming. One of our schemes involves exchanging loose parts. She sent me a message the other day to tell me that she'd popped my package in the post.

Now I don't have a good track record with post from the US. Usually it takes about a month to get any post from any US sender, so I didn't hold my breath for Lesley's post. However, a mere 10 days after her message, I had a delivery!

243/365 - Zan receives loose parts in the post!
These are called gumballs - we don't have these in the UK! I can't wait to take them to my next Pop-Up Adventure Playground!

I can't believe that she sent me so many, and I honestly don't quite believe that they came so quickly! I'm going to send Lesley and her school some conkers, but it's not conker season yet, so we'll have to wait a little. I'm also really amused that Lesley wrote "children's toys" as the package description - I couldn't have put it better myself :)

I wonder if I could get more people from other countries to send me loose parts unique to their community. Anyone else want to play? I'll send you loose parts in return?

Hoorah for loose parts, and hoorah for the Loose Parts Exchange Programme!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Dancing with Lights

I went out to Manchester for delicious meal in celebration of my lovely friend Ash's birthday this evening. It was nice to have a laugh and a giggle with some friends, and particularly nice to hang out with my work friends, both past and present. I also had the opportunity to take some night light photos: I like dancing around in the evening light in a quiet city.

242/365 - Zan dances with the city lights.

I like the soft swirls in this photo.

The vibrant, precision streaks make this one stand out.

I love the colours of this one. My kind of colours :) Makes me feel so happy!

I'm really pleased to be part of Ash's birthday today, and I'm chuffed to bits to get these shots. To take these pics, you keep the shutter speed slow, and the ISO low. If it's particularly light in the area too, turn up the Av. When you press the button to take a shot, move the camera in some fun swooshing motions. I do a lot of little circles. :) Yes, people looked on with crazy expressions when they saw me twirling around with my camera, but at that time of the night there are lots of people, of lesser sobriety who are twirling too. Hahaa! Hoorah for friends, and hoorah for photos! :)