Friday, 27 September 2013

A PhD Day

From now on, Fridays will have to switch back and forth from being Freebie Friday and PhD Day. I've tried to designate Fridays for research because I can then meet up with actual real live people who are also doing their PhDs in Playwork. My quest for knowledge is no longer a lonely one: I have company! :) Three out of the five of us enrolled at uni today so we're going to try and meet up regularly to share ideas, problems and thoughts with eachother. I think it'll be really good.

And because my lovely friend Andy wouldn't let me take a photo of him on his first day as a PhD student, I have taken a photo of the view from the library, where I sat down to read about Sociology. Oh yes, you heard me right, I have to learn about Sociology. More on that when I understand it better.

270/365 - Zan admires the sunny world outside as she learns new things.

I'm really pleased that other people have started their PhDs too now. I think the toughest part of my first 6 months was having noone to talk to or truly understand what on earth I was doing, and not having any contact with other people on the same level as myself. I hope that now I can help the new people ease into it too!

Here's me after an hour and a half tutorial, and an hour's worth of reading about stuff I don't understand. It's Dazed-and-Confused-Zan :)

I'm now home, but really quite tired and having mulled over many many things in the last few hours, my brain kinda hurts. So I guess it's time to read some Harry Potter and get myself to bed! Goodnight! :)

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