Tuesday, 10 September 2013

An Early Autumn Walk

I woke up today and worked and worked until my brain started feeling like it was made of thick soup. I say this because the ideas and thoughts seemed to have to spend an unusually long amount of time to get from conception to communication with my consciousness. By the time it got to me, it was a little fuzzy round the edges, like a piece of potato in a thick soup.

So I thought I would go out for a walk to shake off this feeling. Here's what I saw:

Lavender, blowing in the wind.

Blackberries, ripe for the picking.

Horses, lots of them. All looking at me. Hello horsies! :)

Little droplets of water, fresh from the rain.

249/365 - Zan enjoys an early Autumn walk.

It was nice to get outside and feel the cool breeze and warm sun. It's unusually warm for this time of the year, but I really don't mind. As long as it stays dry, I'm happy! I also have to admit that when I got back, my mind soup was still soupy, but at least I wasn't frustrated about it anymore. Haha.

Hoorah for walks! :)

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