Saturday, 28 September 2013

Conker Hunting

Since finding the first fruits of Autumn a few days ago, I've had a hankering to find more. So after meeting my wonderful friends Lee, Ric and Rach in Manchester, I dragged my mum out to go hunting for conkers. Here's what we got up to:

Here's my mum, eager to dislodge the conkers from the trees.

One of the many conkers we found that were still in their spikey shell.

271/365 - Zan goes conker hunting.
Look at all the shiney golden brown orbs that summarise Autumn for me.

These ones were the biggest ones we found. The one on the left was ripe for the picking. The one on the right wasn't quite ready yet.

I've written about conkers before. They are by far my favourite Autumn thing followed closely by Bonfire Night. This year, I'm collecting conkers to be part of the informal Loose Parts Exchange Programme I organised with Lesley Romanoff of Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery School. I'm very excited to send these lovely little conkers to her. Sadly they won't be as shiney when she gets them, but they'll still be lovely and playable. Wooohoo!

I'm so chuffed with my finds today. Conkers are awesome. Hoorah for conkers! Yay! :)

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