Monday, 2 September 2013

Library Exploration :)

I'm doing my PhD in Leeds. It's not really really far away from Manchester, but it's too far for a quick visit, especially now that I need to get access to more books. So I used my noggin and remembered that I can still access the library of my old university! Hoorah! All I needed to do was prove that I am an alumni (ie, show them my degree certificate) then I could have access, just like any other kid in that uni! Hoorah!

So today, I pootled down to Manchester University (half an hour by car, as opposed to 2.5 hours by bus, train then a walk when I go to Leeds) to join their library! Funny thing is that my actual university doesn't exist anymore. I used to go to one called UMIST which together with University of Manchester merged to become one giant uni. So now it's just called Manchester University. Interesting fact rather than an elaborate story.

231/365 - Zan explores a giant library.

I wandered around for quite a bit cos I got caught up in the education section. There is a whole floor of books on education there, but only one on playwork. Made me a bit sad, but I guess if the institution doesn't offer a playwork course, then there's not gonna be many books on it. There were a few on play, so I'll let them off. Here's a pic of the solitary playwork book:

I wanted to make sure I remembered which one it was. And document how it's not one of Fraser's. Or Bob's.

Anyway, after a lot of wandering, I returned to the front desk with 3 books that might be helpful for my PhD, and then received a pleasant surprise in the form of a library card - with my face on it! So exciting! :)

Now I can take books out for 5 whole years. Woohoo! :)

So I had a nice afternoon at the library today. The 4 floors of books and random little nooks and crannies made the exploration even more exciting. Now that I have access to another library, this can only mean one thing - another place to hang out with books. Hoorah! :) I'm so excited about this. Heeheheheee! :) Hoorah for libraries, and hoorah for books! :)

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