Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Sourdough Bread :)

After the relative success two days ago, I decided to make another Sourdough Bread. This time I was determined that we wouldn't have the same sticky bowl problem, and we didn't! Hoorah! Sophie-Apple the Starter Dough is still working her charm.

I made a slightly crummy stop motion video of the bread while baking. I'll have to revisit this video.

The smell of freshly baked sourdough bread is wholesome and hearty. When it came out of the oven, my parents and I hovered around the loaf in great anticipation until it was cool enough to touch, and then we just sliced right in the there. You're supposed to wait until bread is cooled before you start stuffing your face with it, but that incredible aroma was too much - we just had to taste it! And it was soooo worth it! It was delicious! Here's a pic of me waiting for the bread to cool:

247/365 - Zan bakes an awesome sourdough bread.

Oddly enough, eventhough I had no bowl-sticking problems today, the loaf wasn't nearly as holey as it was last time. No idea why. The flavour was so much better this time though so... I have no idea what's happened. I'm just gonna have to try again I think! :)

Anyway, the bread adventure continues! Hoorah! :)

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