Sunday, 22 September 2013

My Very Own Baked Wheat Sheaf

My mum asked me to bake her a "bundle of wheat" for a harvest display she's doing at church. I had no idea what she was talking about until I googled it, and it turned out that she wanted a wheat sheaf loaf. So after pondering the logistics of this thing for a few days, I finally set to work, and here is my end product. I'm literally beaming with pride:

265/365 - Zan makes a wheat sheaf!

This took 2 hours of shaping, rolling and snipping, but it was well worth it! Look at it's magnificence! Golden brown and lovely! :) Yaaay! :) I especially like the little plait across the middle, that ties it all together. I'm glad that it's not for eating cos I wouldn't want to eat this - it's so pretty! :) I am literally chuffed to bits with this. Chuffed to bits.

Each strand was hand rolled, and placed onto the sheaf, and then each ear of wheat was snipped with scissors into shape. It's so cool!

And of course, just to top off the great bake, it was a beautifully sunny day outside. Perfect for a photoshoot, and lovely for hanging out with my loaf. I'm pleased to call myself a baker today :) Hehehee! :) Hoorah for great bakes, and hoorah for pretty breads! :) Yay! :)

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