Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Dancing with Lights

I went out to Manchester for delicious meal in celebration of my lovely friend Ash's birthday this evening. It was nice to have a laugh and a giggle with some friends, and particularly nice to hang out with my work friends, both past and present. I also had the opportunity to take some night light photos: I like dancing around in the evening light in a quiet city.

242/365 - Zan dances with the city lights.

I like the soft swirls in this photo.

The vibrant, precision streaks make this one stand out.

I love the colours of this one. My kind of colours :) Makes me feel so happy!

I'm really pleased to be part of Ash's birthday today, and I'm chuffed to bits to get these shots. To take these pics, you keep the shutter speed slow, and the ISO low. If it's particularly light in the area too, turn up the Av. When you press the button to take a shot, move the camera in some fun swooshing motions. I do a lot of little circles. :) Yes, people looked on with crazy expressions when they saw me twirling around with my camera, but at that time of the night there are lots of people, of lesser sobriety who are twirling too. Hahaa! Hoorah for friends, and hoorah for photos! :)

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