Saturday, 14 September 2013

Oh Yellow Rose

I few days ago, whilst browsing the "Still Fresh" section of the fruit and vegetable aisle, my dad and I bought some flowers for my mum for 60p. They were cheerful colours: little yellow and pink roses, and purple something-or-others. Now you might think that we were bring pretty stingey. Only 60p? On your own mother? Well, my mum's a florist, and she has suppliers that can get her flowers very cheaply, so when we buy her any flowers, the have to meet her exacting expectations for price. And apparently 60p was good, so we were on safe grounds.

Anyway, my mum put the flowers in the hallway, and they spent a few days hanging out, not looking very different, but yesterday I walked past them and the yellow roses bloomed in such a way that they looked spectacular! Today, I finally got round to taking a photo:

253/365 - Zan eagerly takes in the beauty of a yellow rose.

These roses remind me of the photos I took during Angel and Tony's wedding prep. Those ones were like a soft peach colour but also looked beautiful. This bright yellow one is a bit of a statement rose I think! I've got it at another angle too:

Playing with reflections.

I love roses. I think they're my favourite flower. I want purple roses, a little deeper and darker than the ones at Nadia'swedding, but those ones are good too :) Wow, deep purple roses would totally be the epitome of awesome for me. I'm in awe just thinking about them.

Hoorah for roses, and hoorah for beautiful little things :)

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