Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Red Leaves of Autumn

The window of my room gives me a wonderful view of the changing seasons, and peeking through it today I noticed that the canopy of green leaves over my neighbour's garage construction had turned from lush green to vibrant red. So I pootled down with my camera and took a few snaps :)

267/365 - Zan enjoys the first red leaves of Autumn.

It's such a bright red, it's captivating to look at.

It's particularly awesome as a roof of leaves above me. I really like this stuff! :)

The colours of the leaves are turning that gorgeous shade of Autumn as we get a mini heat wave in the UK. It's very strange weather for this time of the year. Normally it's around this time when we get the endless grey drizzle that we're famous for, especially here in Manchester. But no, we are blessed completely with another bout of great weather, and I'm totally taking advantage of it by taking as many photos of it as possible! Hoorah for photos, great weather and Autumn! :)

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