Sunday, 29 September 2013

Under the Weather

The sun shone brightly outside today as I stared meekily into the middle distance, debating internally whether I should have a second nap. No idea what I've done and what I'd caught, but I have it and I ache, and I have developed an excellent talent for staring into middle distance. I also might have a mild case of food poisoning so today the greatest distance I travelled was that between my bedroom to the toilet and back. Bah.

In my delicate state, I still strove for a little bit of fun. I was determined that I would get some sun even though my entire body said no. Here are some pics:

My parents went conker hunting when I was having my nap. They came back with so many conkers, possibly more than we found yesterday! They were so chuffed! :)

272/365 - Zan reads Harry Potter to while away the day.

Mum wanted me to look at this super furry vegetable. I have no idea what it is, but it's really odd, and really funny! :)

Having rejected my body's desire to have a second nap, I think I'm going to read a bit more and then get an early night - perhaps all of this will stop in the morning! :) I was under the weather in good weather today. I'm a little disappointed, but ah well. It happens. Plenty of water and rest for me! :)

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