Friday, 25 October 2013

A Warm Day

Today I write about being warm because I had a whole day full of it in Leeds.

Firstly, today I went to uni, and I spent a few blissful hours with fellow PhD students talking about PhD things. It was kind of amazing, and kinda exactly how I wish I could do my every day of PhDing. Being able to hang out with people who are like-minded and at a similar stage in research is awesome, and made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. I'm so pleased that I was in the company of wonderful people today.

Secondly, we went to have to Mexican food today. It was really quite yummy, but despite asking them to lay off the chillies, the meal was pretty, well, warm. Copious amounts of sour cream required, washed down with a lot of water. Yummy though! And reasonably priced! :)

298/365 - Zan enjoys time with fellow PhD peeps.

Thirdly, the weather was weird today. The day started off as one of the coldest in a while, and then it went double figures hot, with blazing sunshine. I have no idea what's going on, but I spent a lot of my day very very warm. Haha. Here are two photos that show the dramatic change in weather today:

This was at 11am.
It was cold and wet and miserable. Icy winds.

This was at about 4:30pm.
It was mild with a light warm breeze, and when you were in the sun, it was actually hot!

I had a really nice day today, even though it long and involved a small battle with everyone else's umbrellas. I think that at last I am engaged with my PhD and will push myself to do more of it because I have other people to be accountable to. There's never any harm in a little bit of pressure. Hoorah for a day in Leeds today, and hoorah for wonderful people! :)

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