Wednesday, 23 October 2013


The rhythm of a working day can get repetitive and unrelenting. Wake up, get in the car, go to work, get in the car, get home, sleep, repeat. This has been something that the past few days have presented me with which, granted, makes time pass very quickly but it doesn't always give you the opportunity to appreciate what you have around you. Certainly for me, this pattern of work wears me down.

So today, I took a moment to breathe. I went outside and just gulped down the lovely fresh air.

I don't know what these little berries are, nor what they are going to be, but they seem to be very cheery on a cold autumn day.

These flowers remind me of earrings, hehehe. 

Of course, as things go in the UK, big fat drops of rain came tumbling down from the sky, so I scurried into my car and took pictures of the window.

296/365 - Zan takes pics of the blue skies through the rain.

Having that moment to breathe really helped with my day. What could have been very stressful shift turned out to be pretty relaxed. I'm really pleased that I'd set myself up for the shift properly by taking a moment to remind myself of the other great things in life. Weeeee! :) More of the same tomorrow, but hopefully with a little more excitement :)

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