Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cake and a Catch Up

Today I met up with a friend that I haven't seen for 14 years. I honestly thought that it would be slightly odd, and was a little worried about how things might go, but after we got settled, conversation flowed easily as if we hadn't been apart for over a decade! Of course, we chose to have meet over great food and delicious cake at Slattery's. I go there so often now, the floor manager actually knows me, ha!

We talked easily for hours, sharing with eachother the things we've missed, and enjoying eachother's company. I heard many stories which confirmed to me how strong I suspected my friend has always been, and continues to be. I was also reminded strongly of how resilient you sometimes have to be to overcome obstacles that you face, and fully admire my re-acquainted friend for being able to sit in front of me calmly and tell her about some of the things she's been through, both happy and sad.

I took a moment to reflect on our meet by gazing serenely (and probably quite strangely) at the sky that had just turned blue. Having spent a couple of days drenching people unexpectedly, the weather decided to give us periodical bursts of sun, which, I'll be honest, I really needed.

302/365 - Zan reflects on a thoroughly good catch up.

I'm so pleased that I was able to meet my friend after all this time today. I'm really excited to be meeting her children at one point too :) Sometimes life takes us down unexpected paths that lead us away from your friends, but that doesn't mean the friendship suffers. You just put it on hold until the paths cross again! I'm glad I've always upheld this idea because today is a great example. Hoorah for re-kindled friendships, and hoorah for amazing cake and catch ups :)

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