Sunday, 6 October 2013

Crispy Leaves

I went for a short walk with my mum today in pursuit of conkers (again). As we left our street and wandered over to our nearest conker tree, I noticed that there were 4 children hanging out inside a skip that has been parked outside someone's house. My gut instinct was to take a photo: there are children outside, investigating, but not causing any mischief apart from checking out the new thing in their neighbourhood, a skip - I need evidence of this happening, quick take a photo! Was it play? What were they doing? Do they live nearby? I didn't want to scare them away so we didn't linger, but I totally wanted to go talk to them, and see what they were up to! On the way back though, they were gone. Still, I glimpsed a moment of play and I am dead chuffed.

Very much like how toddlers wanders a few feet away from their Mums to investigate something on their walk home, I kept wandering off into piles of leaves. My mum sighed that sigh that most toddling Mum's have. That blissful awareness of their kid's awesomeness that's mixed in with the feeling of "just hurry on up!" Haha. I was just distracted by Autumn! Such colour, such quantity, and such crunchiness!

279/365 - Zan runs around in Autumn leaves.

If the UK keeps on giving me such glorious Autumn days, I might end up liking this season more than Winter! But you never know in the UK. Tomorrow could be super rainy. I'm not complaining though. I do like a good pile of leaves to jump into! :)

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