Thursday, 17 October 2013

Doodle Me Autumn

There's nothing quite like a satisfying and reflective doodle at the end of a tiring day. Well, aside from mountains of cake actually, but my parents are now on very controlled diets for various health reasons so I don't want to tempt them too much with delicious treats. So I've been doodling much more than I have done previously. That's okay though, because lots of thoughts have been working away through my little head, hopefully with some resolute solutions. :)

So today's play, reflection and doodle is leafy!

290/365 - Zan doodles her way through autumn leaves.
I particularly like the 7-lobed conker leaf there - the one with the amazing colour gradients :)

Another addition to my doodle collection me thinks! :) Anyway, I'm on the final chapter of a Harry Potter, so I'm going to pootle off and read it to my heart's content. Hoorah for doodles and books! :)


  1. What have you actually doodled on? Newspaper?

    1. I've been doodling on an old copy of Reader's Digest - this story happens to be To Kill A Mockingbird. Bought it with pages missing from a charity shop so I thought I'd do something fun :)


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