Monday, 7 October 2013

Educating Rita

I went to the theatre today! To see something grown up and with no singing in it! But it was loads of fun too! I went to see Educating Rita - a really cool play that echos a lot of things that I've been thinking about recently. There are only 2 people involved in this story (and 2 anti-thieves that look like ninjas and put stuff back in the right place during the dark patches of the play) and was really well written and wonderfully acted.

280/365 - Zan goes to the theatre.

I really enjoyed myself tonight - I wasn't sure that a two-person play would work out but it really did! I think I'll go and see more stuff at the theatre. I really like going to see live things! :) I think next time, I should see another musical though. I've had a really hankering to see a musical since Matilda. Or maybe go see classical music concert! Yaaaay! :) Theatres are awesome! :)

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