Thursday, 24 October 2013

Naan-As-Big-As-Your-Torso! :)

My friends J and Peki were in town this week so we decided to some people together for a good ol' curry. The last time we met up with them was also for a curry, a few days after their wedding. After much excitement (from me) about Naan-As-Big-As-Your-Torso, we decided upon a restaurant and met up to have a good giggle.

I came to this restaurant a few months ago, just after Angel's wedding. I particularly love this photo because of the colours in the spoon.

297/365 - Zan enjoys a moment with a family naan. 
Can you tell I was excited? :)

The naan bread was incredible. Perfectly flavoured, and crispy in sections but not in the slightest bit dry. Their peshwari naan isn't as nice as the other place we went to, but the size of the normal naan makes up for everything. Naan and Korma has become one of my favourite meals ever.

The restaurant was really nice, with only one drawback. The waiters were a little too enthusiastic (to the point of aggressive) about setting up and tidying up the tables. At one point, our table was surrounded by people who were all just slamming stuff off and on the table. It was fast, yes, but the over-riding feeling of shock was more prominent than that of efficiency.

Anyway, I had a lovely time with my friends, both at the meal and for our single (highly clinked) drink afterwards. It's so great that I am able to see my friends so often, despite us living in different cities or different countries. I love them so much, and look forward to the next time we meet up for a giggle and a curry :)

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