Sunday, 27 October 2013

Photography in Print.

My brother got married over 12 months ago, and I was the photographer. There was a long gap between his wedding and him getting his photos (mostly because I was recovering from surgery and then graduated, my uncle passed away, and then I went to the US). But I did end up producing him and Fiona their own wedding album of photos, and two little albums for both sets of parents. And then I forgot all about them.

Apparently, they did too because about 6 months after receiving these albums, they didn't get round to giving them to my parents til this weekend. My parents pootled down to visit them in Yeovil and came back with their photo album. There was a tiny flutter of butterflies in my belly when the book was passed to me - I hardly ever actually get to see my photos in print! They normally just get sent to the happy couple and then I never see them again!

Anyway, here is the little album that was personalised for just my parents:

300/365 - Zan gazes wide-eyed at photos she once took.

It all seems a bit weird my own photos printed on paper. The end result of most of my photography is almost always digital: on a webpage, in an e-newsletter, stolen completely without permission... but yeah! It was really strange to see my pics in an album! Ha! It was really weird too to see my photo printed on a canvas when I went round to Shazia's house. It's just surreal that you can touch it! Anyway, I'm mostly really really pleased that everyone liked the photos too. Yaaay! :) Everyone likes them! :)

Anyway, tiny celebration over. I'll smile for a bit to myself and perhaps go and have some cake. Then it'll be an amazing end to a very busy week. Weeeeeeee! :)

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