Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Playwork. And Doodles.

I was invited to the Playwork NW meeting today where I met a bunch of lovely playworkers from the North West area of the UK and together we discussed all things playwork. It was really interesting to hear from all the people in the field and on the ground, those who really understand and know their community, and are truly passionate about their kids.

When I got home, I had a peculiar sense of peace which I've not felt for a while, but I was puzzled about why. The discussions of the day all fell upon the decline of the economy, and the impact it has had on playwork in the area. For a vast majority of the time, conversations centred around lamentations, over losses, cuts and missed opportunities. But as I quietly observed, the conversation began to turn. It was sounding a little more positive. Having got it out of their systems, people had moved from sadness to little happinesses, explaining how they were surviving, learning and growing. That's the kind of talk that I like. And that's the kind of talk I want to be more involved with.

So while reflecting on this, I doodled. And this is what I drew:

275/365 - Zan practiced reflective doodling.

This is the full pic. It looks kinda cool. I don't think it's finished, but it was a good place to stop. More doodles here.

I think the meeting went very well today: everyone seemed to have taken something away from it. I feel like I've learned something today too. I'm not sure what it is yet, but it was definitely something. I'm sure I'll understand after a good night's sleep. And some Harry Potter. Hoorah for a day well spent! :)

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