Saturday, 5 October 2013


I pootled into a craft store on the way home from the Playwork Meeting on Wednesday and was instantly overwhelmed by a million Christmas themed crafts. It was my own fault really, I shouldn't have gone in knowing that I really don't have time for so much crafty adventure. The lure of arty goodness was too much though, and I came away with one purchase which I decided to test out today. Can you tell what it is?

278/365 - Zan makes a Christmas craft prototype.

Maybe prototype pics should be in black and white from now one. Haha. I like it. Anyway, today was full of work, spaghetti pie and stickers. None of which are really worth going into. Well, apart from the spaghetti pie, which was delicious. Nom nom nom. Hoorah for prototypes, and spaghetti pie! :)

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