Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sam > Frodo

Today my day has been taken over slightly by Lego Lord of the Rings on 3DS. I was kindly allowed to borrow the console and game from work, so I decided that I would have a good bash at it. I also did a bunch of other work things too, because I felt guilty for gaming so much, but undoubtedly this was the most exciting part of my day:

286/365 - Zan gets super excited by Lego games.
This photo kinda makes it looks like I've possessed the 3DS... ah well. It was fun taking the pic!

It was whilst playing this game that I was forcibly reminded of how rubbish Frodo is as a hero of the film. He spends a lot of it just crying, or being sad, and Samwise, bless his heart, just gets on with it. "Oh you're tired Mr Frodo? Let me carry you as I make a bacon sandwich with foraged and wild foods I caught this morning". Even in the game I like playing Sam more than Frodo. Without a doubt for me, the hero of LOTR was Sam who even with all the power struggle around him did just what he had to do to keep Frodo safe and survive long enough for to see his next meal. Awesome. Sam is the greater hobbit, by far!

Anyway, so yeah, I have to give the 3DS back tomorrow so I'm going to finish off the game and get my little head to bed. It's been a Lego-battle filled day! Hoorah! :)

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