Sunday, 20 October 2013

Secret Plans

Today I was working on something super secret that's for my next US adventure. For those of you who might follow the exciting adventures of Pop-Up Adventure Play, you might have seen a teaser about it. Either way, I can't show you what I was making today, but I can tell you that I had to design some things for the new adventure and it's looking pretty cool. Did someone say tour?

So what I will show you is some photos from my previous trip to the US. It's lovely looking back on the photos, and I wanted to pick a couple of playful ones to give you an idea of what might be happening!

My visit to the Anarchy Zone: a new adventure playground Upstate NY.

This is Eliza at play. Hopefully I will see her during this next adventure.

293/365 - Zan thinks back to her last American adventure.
And here are the multicoloured chickens. They might not be coming on my adventure with me next year, but I'm totally going to try and visit them.

It's been almost a year since I've been back home and I'm really itching to get back out there. So yes, stay tuned for more information about my next adventure. Should be an awesome one :) Hoorah! :)

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