Saturday, 26 October 2013

This Is An Elk

Today was surprisingly busy. I thought that not having parents at home and having a lie in would amount to a comfortable day. Instead I've had to clean the house for some visitors, and then get hauled off to work because of a misunderstanding. It's a good job that I always work in a buffer for days where I don't have a car.

Anyway, the most exciting and playful part of my day involved some papercraft:

299/365 - Zan makes a paper Elk.
I think I'll name him Colonel Kernel.

Colonel Kernel was delivered to work as part of a magazine advertising for a new game that's coming out. I honestly didn't even know this game existed, but now I do! But I am far more concerned, of course, about the awesomeness of my Elk. Well, I think he kinda looks like reindeer, but the instructions said he was an elk, so there we go. He is pretty awesome.

Anyway, so that was my day. The next coupla day are predicted to involve wind, rain and a storm. And probably work as well, we'll see. Hoorah for Colonel Kernel! :)

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