Saturday, 19 October 2013

"We're playing stairs on the stairs" - Reflections from a playful evening with Nina and Hannah

Nina and Hannah came to play today. Here's what we did:

We made "stairs on the stairs". Exactly what this was I'm not not sure about, but it was important at the time.

"We have so many" - Hannah shows me her stash of bottle caps in a basket that I used to play with as a kid. Take care of my little childhood toy, Hannah! :)

Little hands found it hilarious to squish my face. For many many photos.

This was a wonderful game, for them. See how much fun Nina's having with my face!

292/365 - Zan has fun with Nina and Hannah.
Here I am with the little friends. This is a lovely photo.

And finally, I showed Nina and Hannah my doodles and they drew their own versions. This one is Nina's.

It was lovely to have a moment to play today. It's been such a long time for me, and it's great to have children's perspective on things. When we were eating at the dinner table, Hannah asked me "Why are they so loud" and then gestured the adults who were laughing raucously about something or other. I told her that it was because they don't get to see eachother very often, and this is their play. Then she asks me why did they play so loudly, and I pointed out to her that she played loudly too. Then she just giggled and asked me to go and play. It was a lovely little moment.

Thank you for the lovely evening of play, Nina and Hannah. Hope we get to play again soon! :)

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