Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wheat Sheaf Take Two

Today, I didn't have to do anything. But I did do many things. Did loads of work for Pop-Up, and created a whole bunch of things to post, called some people, ate some food, went to the doctors and did some shopping. I even sorted and organised another hoard of conkers that my parents picked up on this blustery day.

So much conkers! My parents got a little carried away I think, because these are so heavy. I don't think I'll be able to send them all to you Lesley!

Oh, I almost forgot (I didn't forget really ;) ). For my church harvest festival this week, I decided that I'd make something special, just like I did for my parents a few weeks back: I made another wheat sheaf loaf.

282/365 - Zan bakes another wheat sheaf, and this time it's even awesomer!

Last time, the wheat sheaf wasn't quite as shaped, or wheat sheaf like. Last time looked more like a small dude with an afro. This time, it really looks like a wheat sheaf! Yay! :) I'm so chuffed! :) I hope the peeps at church like it! :)

Anyway, another productive day! I'm so much more sniffly today compared to yesterday, but that hasn't stopped me. Getting through the work like the crazy lady I am :) Hoorah! :)


  1. Do you have a recipe! That looks good, and I'd like to make it with my kids, but I don't want it to look deformed any suggestions?

    1. Hello! This is a very simple recipe, using 500g strong white flour, 25ml olive oil, 7g fast action yeast, a pinch of salt and around 300ml water. Knead until smooth and then sculpt away! Enjoy!


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