Thursday, 28 November 2013

A Rare and Happy Gathering

It's been a long time since my siblings and I have eaten with my parents. I mean, all three of us together, and without eachother's spouses. I'm not entirely sure how we orchestrated it, but today we managed to get us all together as Clem was leaving, and as Chris was arriving in Manchester to go for lunch in celebration of my Mum's birthday - hoorah!

332/365 - Zan eats with family :)
It's a bit blurry but we're all there :)

It was nice to just hang out as a family. We ordered way too much food though, which has resulted in much bloating, and quite a lot of discomfort. Haha. I think the amount of food we ate today would make my Thanksgiving friends proud. Weee! I guess I should give thanks for it too - it was a lovely family gathering today :)

Hoorah for family, hoorah for food and Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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