Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Chrysanthemum Tea

The internet has been terrible. I couldn't get online today at all and was forced to consider my work at a distance, and in draft mode. For a great portion of the day, I was trying to work out how best to remedy the situation and was getting increasingly anxious so then I gave up and started staring at my tea. As it turns out, it was actually really interesting tea:

317/365 - Zan stares at her chrysanthemum tea.
It's not like English Breakfast - it has a sweet smell and an earthy but refreshing taste. I like chrysanthemum tea. Must be a Chinese thing.

I hope the internet situation gets better, otherwise I'm going to have to camp out at other people's houses. Beware! Haha. Until then, I'll keep staring at my tea.

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