Monday, 4 November 2013

Drawing on Leaves

Over the past 10 days, my internet has been patchy. Gloriously internetty, then completely non-existent for an unknown amount of time. I have complained, and shouted, but there is nothing that I can do apart from to wait. Growing gradually accustomed to it, I have found ways of waiting that is offline, and today I decided to play for a while by taking a walk, collecting some pretty leaves and then drawing on them. Inspired, of course, by the internet.

307/365 - Zan doodles on leaves.

They look really pretty right? :)

I'm really quite pleased with how well they turned out. It's quite hard to do because the leaves aren't flat so they like to move when I'm poking them with a pen. But it was a fun challenge that I'm totally going to do again, maybe next time with loads more and make a feature of it somewhere in the house. Oooh. 

I don't think I really mind being offline. It's quite a good feeling being detached from the world, invisible. It's just I have a lot of tour stuff to be going on with, and I can't be having disconnections every 15 minutes, especially during meetings - it's mighty inconvenient! Bah!

Anyway, hoorah for a little project, and yay for being offline! :)

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