Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Firework Flowers :)

Blooming in pure darkness, these flowers of light
Cause wonder and excitement, with sounds of pure delight
"Remember November the 5th" we recite
Here it is and there it goes: fireworks on Bonfire Night.
308/365 - Zan admires the fireworks on bonfire night.

So it was Bonfire Night tonight. I'm so pleased to have been able to spend the evening with my parents in delighted exclamation at the colourful explosions in the sky. I missed the 5th November last year because I was still in the US (where the celebration of not exploding parliament is clearly not a thing), so I made sure that I did lots of oohing and ahhing to make up for it this year. It was awesome. I'm so happy :)

Hoorah for fireworks, and happy Bonfire Night! :)

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