Friday, 8 November 2013

First Bratwurst of the Year! :)

It was a PhD day today and as I pootled up hill from the train station into uni, I noticed the little twinkling fairylights on the charming chalets that always signifies the arrival of the Christmas Markets in Leeds. Hoorah! You should know from last year that I absolutely love the Christmas markets so imagine how happy I was today! :) Having picked up my good friend and fellow PhD peep, Andy from a nearby location, we proceeded towards the nearest German hotdog stand and had us our first bratwurst of the year:

An updated system means less congestion - pay for your token and then just pick up your hotdog! Hoorah! :) I got a bratwurst that had cheese in it too! :)

311/365 - Zan has the first taste of the Christmas Markets this year.

The cheesey bratwurst was delicious! I'm so pleased I stumbled across this today of all days! I also can't quite believe that the Christmas Markets have already been set up in Leeds - it's only the beginning of November! It must be good money! Anyway, it was good food and good company today as Andy and I planned to take over the world, one playwork theory at a time. Hahaha. More PhD thoughts to come! :)

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