Friday, 22 November 2013

Hello Plas Madoc! :)

I'm on a fun and slightly exciting trip to Wrexham with my newly acquired friend Hanna Rosin, a reporter from the US, and her little boy! :) I picked them up from Manchester and then drove us all to Wrexham to see The Land @ Plas Madoc. This is awesome for many reasons, but for now we'll concentrate on the fact that we are visiting an adventure playground! :) Here are some photos:

Here's my new little friend. He has never seen a adventure playground before. Here he is, trying out a new slide.

326/365 - Zan has fun at The Land, with my little friend's hat on.

This is the best pic of the day - my little friend with his new friend, in a treehouse, at dusk. Awesome.

And here's a future Masterchef! Apparently, this young man spends most evenings making food for everyone! :) Tonight, we had bacon butties and toast :)

This is the forth time I've been to Plas Madoc, and it is just as amazing as my first visit. And the second. And the third. I'm still really tired from last night's shift (and accompanying night's worth of trade-in nightmares) but after a few hours in fresh air, playing with the children and talking my way through my love of playwork, all my anxiety doesn't see to be nearly as bad. It's all catching up to me a little bit now, sat in a corner in the hotel, stealing the internet. I think I'm falling asleep on the spot! But not before I say just how much I love being a playworker. Love it. 

Hoorah for playwork! :) And hoorah for The Land! :)

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