Saturday, 23 November 2013

"I think this is a good junkyard" - Reflections from a day at The Land

I made sure I stuffed myself with a glorious Full English Breakfast before setting off from the hotel to Plas Madoc this morning. Hanna, her little boy and I were very eager to get back into the adventure playground and get stuck in.

While Hanna did her journalistic work, I spent time with her little boy, my little friend.. He's pretty awesome, independent, but only young, so after overcoming the initial overwhelming possibilities at The Land, he was off and away.

It was an unusual day for me. I was able to both play host to the guests in this country as well as do some playwork. I was invited into a rather amazing game of hide and seek, and was also able to witness the construction and deconstruction of things too. There was a fire, a river, trees, loose parts and fresh air. I can honestly say that there couldn't have been a better combination of things for me to be experiencing at the end of an insane week.

Here we are, peering into The Land, from the land beyond The Land. Haha. Funny sentence.

327/365 - Zan enjoys a day of playwork.

Here's my little friend, confidently overcoming the rope swing.

My little friend makes more friends and they go on an adventure!

Little friend: "This place is like a junkyard"
Zan: "Is a junkyard a good thing or a bad thing?"
Little friend: "I think this is a good junkyard"

It was great to talk about playwork for two days. Although it may seem that I spend a lot of time explaining the basics of playwork to lots of people, it's not always as fun to do without stuff to point at like when you're at an adventure playground. Typing out my thoughts for the Playworker Development Course is one thing, being on site with a whole bunch of local kids is completely another.

As always, I am blown away by the work that Claire and the team do at Plas Madoc, and hope that I will be able to bring more people to The Land show more people the amazing possibilities of playwork.

Hoorah for The Land! :)


  1. Hi Suzanna, I hope you having fun playing with your PhD - it certainly looks like you are :) I'm currently working through the Play Wales P3 qualifications. Looking forward to following your work and chatting about all things play.

    1. Thanks Alan - I'm definitely working hard if nothing else, it just so happens that our work is play so there's always always some fun involved! Thanks for reading and following! :)


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