Friday, 1 November 2013

Level 30: Shazia :)

We're celebrating my friend Shazia's birthday in luxury! In a big house in the middle of nowhere, we are having fun! There are about 12 people here, enjoying eachother's company, eating so much food and doing lots of awesome things that Shazia wants. Hoorah! :)

Here are some photos of what we did a midnight:

304/365 - Zan celebrates Shazia's 30th.
She's so happy!

We set off 15 lanterns at midnight! :)

Yay, sky lanterns! :)

I love sky lanterns. More Shazia's celebrations tomorrow, but this is for today! Hoorah! :) Shazia's birthday kicks off a year of 30s for me. It's going to be great! :) Sleep time, and then more celebrations tomorrow! :)

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