Sunday, 3 November 2013

My Next Pop-Up Adventure Play Adventure

Ladies and Gentlemen! Next year, I will be going on tour with Pop-Up Adventure Play. Since coming back from the US about a year ago, I have been itching to get back to the States to continue the work we have over there in promoting the child's right to play. After only alluding to it the other day, I'm pleased to announce that I should be back there next Spring and I will be travelling across from the East Coast to the West and then back again, popping up everywhere along the way.

Today? My day has been all about connecting and promoting the tour. I am the tour organiser you see, and I have only experienced this role once before. I have had to brace myself for the surprising amount of organisation required to keep track of everything, not to mention the serious amount of concentration to remember all the details of the organisation's needs as well as the needs of the hosts. I won't bore you with the specific details of the tour, (which are available on request) but here is the Pop-Up Adventure Play blogpost I have written to entice the American audience into inviting us in. Allow me to quote the bit of the blogpost (that I wrote) that I like the most:
"Just as a playworker makes themselves available for children to play, we would like to make ourselves available to communities across America. We would like you to invite us to come to your neighbourhood, and help you to build a community around play."
And of course, my great adventure would not be without companions. This is going to be an epic road trip and I will be joined by my amazing friend and colleague Miss Morgan Leichter-Saxby who will be mostly in the driver's seat. There will also be special guests along the way, both Pop-Up related and playwork related, but we're going to keep at a secret until closer to the time.

306/365 - Zan organises the big US tour.
Those of you who are familiar with my work might note that that is a Zan doodle. 
Okay, it's a Zoodle, I concede.

After the celebrations of the weekend, it was nice to sit down and work a little. I am also nursing what can only be described as "Cake-Mixing Arm". It only hurts if I move my arm in circles, so it must be from mixing at least 2lbs of cake batter and buttercream yesterday! Guaranteed no bingo wings on my right arm, but I'm gonna have to start getting my left arm in on the mixing too otherwise I'll be lopsided! 

Anyway, I'm preparing for an adventure which is going to be epic. I may need help from you lovely people at one point, because this roadtrip is missing one essential element... but for now, enjoy the vastness of my next adventure, and I will update you all soon with more details! :) Hoorah! :)

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