Saturday, 9 November 2013

Shoo Shoo Shoo Shoebox

Today, I joyfully participated in the filling of two shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. My mum and my friend Jessica pootled around the shops to fill our little shoeboxes up of little surprises. Then I went home to take up the challenge of wrapping the boxes with Christmas paper - it's always the hardest part of the project. I succeeded quite well though, and here is my triumphant photo:

313/365 - Zan fills up shoeboxes with a little bit of happy.

When I fill up the shoeboxes, I'm always reminded of how blessed I was as a child to be part of a warm and happy household with clothes to wear and food to eat. To think that there are children out there who don't have these things breaks my heart a little, so I try every year to send a little something in an effort to make a child's Christmas.

And of course, I get to so a little Christmassing in November. Who doesn't like a bit of that? :D Hahaa. (Sorry Ash ;) ). The shoeboxes begin their journey tomorrow - I wonder where they'll go! Hope the children like it! :)

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