Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Sparklers :)

I stood on my doorstep today avoiding the fat raindrops falling from the sky, and carefully clutching a pack of sparklers. I think that on any other occasion, my parents would have come to supervise my sparkler time, but the continual bucketing of rain today confirmed to both my parents that even if I had tried, I wouldn't have been able to set anything on fire.

309/365 - Zan plays with sparklers

I love sparklers. They make me really happy :) They are mesmerising to watch, and so very pretty. I usually get a pack to play with on Bonfire Night, but yesterday got extremely hectic, so I didn't get round to lighting them. It was a nice treat after a day of work today :)

The internet has, however, been wreaking havoc on my life. How is one supposed to work internationally when one simply cannot contact them? There has been much shouting to internet people today. The sparklers helped to cheer me up a bit.

Soo, hoorah for sparklers, and hoorah for unsupervised play! :)

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