Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Bake Before the Busy

Today, I was acutely aware that it would be the only day that I'm not going to be busy in the next 12 days. I decided to do a bit of work, have a bit of a rest, and do a bit of baking:

321/365 - Zan does some baking.
These are tomato, sausage and cheese pastries.

I was actually making mini puff pastry goodies, but I used margarine instead of butter so it all became quite shortcrusty instead. They were still delicious but you know... wasn't meant to look like that! Ah well.

There are a whole host of video game devices which need my selling attention in the next coupla weeks so things are going to get busy. Not just busy, manic. I'm also punctuating the busy-ness with a short visit to Wrexham - more on that later this week! :) Hoorah! :)

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