Monday, 18 November 2013

The End of a Postal Era

I don't think I can keep it a secret any more - we're moving house. This is a big thing. We have lived in this house for almost 18 years. It's seen me through most of my teenage life, my siblings and I are now all graduates from university, my uncle lived out his happy and carefree life here, and my sister and brother are now married. This house has seen a lot. And my parents and I will be sad to leave it behind.

This house has also had a lot of post. I think that my college friends and I have kept the post office running for the last 18 years with the volume of post that comes through here. I've been here for so long that my friends are a little bit sad too a) because I'm moving away b) because this place has a lot of cool memories and c) because this house is the only other address that they know off by heart apart from their own!

And as a lovely surprise, I have been receiving post off them this week:

322/365 - Zan marvels in postal warmth.
The postcard on the left is from Shazia, the card on the right is from Lee, and the letter (with a really cool underneath pattern) is from Ric.

I had not expected my friends to be so lovely as to send me all this wonderful post with their cute little notes. They've been saying how it might be their last post to the house, and that they'll miss remembering the address. Awwww! They are completely adorable, and wonderful wonderful people. Thank you Lee, Ric and Shazia! :) You've made a very busy week just a little bit more bearable and sweet. :)

I haven't really given myself a moment to be sad about moving yet. There's still too much left to do, and we don't officially have a moving date. But we have been tidying, and re-tidying, and arranging, and packing. It turns out that 18 years worth of stuff is a lot of stuff, and sifting through it takes a lot of time, and creates a lot of dust. That, and 30 hour shifts at my (part time) work, a PhD and a charity to run, I've hardly had time to think! But I think it'll all be okay. Go outside, deep breath, and then just get on with it.

Right now, I reckon I'll just curl up with a book and just enjoy a moment of quiet in this otherwise crazy week. Weeeee! :)

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