Saturday, 2 November 2013

Tideswell Walk and Rainbow Cake :)

I woke up this morning to a misty view of the Peak District. Part One of Shazia's three-part birthday went very well, so part 2 - her actual birthday day - would be celebrated in force today!

Shazia had already asked a long time ago if she could have a rainbow cake for her birthday, and I had said yes, but of course I had the busiest week ever and didn't quite get all my ingredients ready before setting off to the party. So Lee and I decided to make a moment of it, and walked to the nearest village today to pick up my forgotten icing sugar :)

Here we are, in the blustery wind. Very cold and mostly wet but very pleased to be outside in the beautiful Peak District.

When we got back, we started work. I made 6 different colour of cake for the main birthday cake, and then a small batch of cupcakes in case we ran out. There were a lot of mouths to feed so I wanted to make sure everyone had some good cake :)

Here are my purple star cupcakes! Aren't they amazing! :)

Here's Shazia - showing off her birthday cake. It turned out really good! This pic doesn't quite do the colours justice. Ah well.

305 - Zan celebrates Shazia's birthday with homemade rainbow cake :)

I've had a lovely coupla of days celebrating Shazia's 30th year. I also had a lot of fun hanging out with Lee. If every birthday is as joyous and as much of a blessing as this one, then bring on the year of 30s - who cares if you're old? :) Hoorah for celebrations! :)

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