Friday, 13 December 2013

A Day in the City

I decided that today, I would be the consumer. Instead of being on the receiving end of the abuse, mess and customer care, I would be that abusive, messy customer. Well... not really. I hate being mean so I would never be that customer. But I am a messy customer. It's just because I always wander around with my backpack, and it knocks things off shelves. Oops.

Here is the Arndale Center in full swing, complete with Christmas decorations. It's all very busy.

Here are some dinky erasers that I got completely mesmerised by. They are amazing. And absolutely tiny.

The greatness of the day was only fully realised when I met up with my friends Ric and Rach, and then later also with Lee and Dave. It was wonderful to have my friends around me and just to talk over things, be collectively happy and sad about eachother's lives, and eat great food. We had Chinese food for the first time as a group, and it was really quite delicious! Yaay! :)

347/365 - Zan has the best time with amazing friends.
And yes, Ric, this was the photo of the day :)

I love the get togethers I have with my college friends and their other halves. It's always great to see Ric and Rachel when they come over from Guernsey, and I'm looking forward to catching up with Shazia and hopefully J and Jenny too. I write about this all the time, but I won't hesitate to write it again - this bunch of friends are the best a girl can have. I'm so thankful that I have such wonderful friends. :)

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