Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A Day of Things

I had many things to do today. I had to call the bank and bake some cake and do some PhD-ing and meet my friend Ric before he buzzes off to Guernsey. Stupidly of course, I got too distracted by things and didn't actually get round to doing anything remotely PhD like. Eeek. Looks like I'm going to be spending every break time at work reading up on the sociology of professions!

But of course, the things I did were way more playful than research. Today, I ventured into town, watched the sun set, did some knitting, and took some photos. I also hung out with Ric and we wandered around an art gallery. Here are some photos:

We had blue skies today, and a little bit of sunshine. Can you tell I was happy? :)

Look at this marvellous sun set! The weatherman said it's going to be rainy for the next few days so I really treasured today.

351/365 - Zan knits a pouffe.

I think a pouffe is also known as an ottoman, or a footstool. But I like to call it a pouffe because it's a hilarious word. Whatever it's called, Mum and I have been seeing them around in the shops and we suddenly realised that we could knit one too! It took three days to construct and today we finally finished it, and we're proud! We decided to make this one out of old t-shirts by making it into yarn. As you can see, I may have ran out of blue t-shirts...

I made a batch of brownies too but I thought that there were plenty of fun photos for one day already, so I have left it to sit happily on my facebook instead. There's so many playful things I want to do, and so little time! Especially from tomorrow onwards where I have 7 consecutive days at work. Boo. Let's hope the customers are in a good mood!!

Hoorah for a fun day, and hoorah for a little moment with Ric too. Weeeee! :)

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