Saturday, 28 December 2013

A Little Christmas Gathering

Once upon a time, I went to a church where I knew everyone. Many people watched me grow up, I grew up with many of them, and in turn, I watched little ones get taller than me. But as time went on, we all went or separate ways, dispersing across the country. It's a little bit sad that we don't get to see eachother any more, but every so often, we manage to steal a moment inbetween the chaos and enjoy eachother's company. And that's what we did today!

We all went round to Andy and Lisa and Rachel's house and had a good ol' giggle and a catch up, ate all their food, and had a hilarious game of The Big Taboo.

Fiona and Angel came too! :) Yay! :)

This is what happens when you let Andy play Rock Paper Scissors - he chooses haduken. Sigh.

In this photo, there is the drawing of a butcher, a murder, makeup and a crane. Can you tell which is which?

We pull lots of funny faces when we're concentrating. :)

We had a load of fun just hanging out. It was really good to see everyone, and being reminded of how great my little family of friends are. Yaaay! :)

362/365 - Zan gets bunny kisses on her knee.
I miss my friends. The bunny's kisses made up for it a little.

It was a lovely evening. I look forward to seeing everyone again soon! :)

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