Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Apple Upside Down Cake

It is Tuesday today and what other reason do I need for a bit of cake? :) With the apples I picked from the neighbour's tree, I decided to make Apple Upside Down Cake! 

344/365 - Zan bakes herself a cake.

All the apples are arranged prettily around which makes it look even more delicious! Nom nom nom! :)

I did it exactly the same as my Pear Upside Down Cake that I made a while back, but this time, I added about half a teaspoon of cinnamon to the cake mix right at the end to give the cake itself a Christmassy taste to go with the apples. I would have added a caramel topping too but the rentals wouldn't have been able to eat it so I left it out. Ah well. It still tasted delicious! Moist cake with sweet, soft apple pieces. Nom nom nom nom nom... I'm really quite pleased that it turned out of the tin properly too! Yaaay! :) 

The deliciousness of cake helps to offset the madness of the week. I think I may take some time off from work in search of sanity. I'm glad that I'm off work on Thursday and Friday. I think I need it.

I might go and have another slice of cake now. I don't think I'm stress eating. Nah.

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